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When deputy principal is so not capable of leading the team the writing was always on the wall. Why lose rokit unless they stopped paying?. Very sad indeed!
They didn't support that rider the same way they supported Rossi. They gave Rossi everything he wanted. So you can't use that excuse. Stoner himself said that. Stoner also won races every year. Where are the race wins from Rossi?   
Looking at what is left of the calendar, it is starting to look very good for Dovi. Silverstone and Philip Island are two tracks where Dovi doesn't go well, they both cancelled. The calendar has Austria x2, Brno, Misano, Aragón, Thailand... all good tracks for Dovi and Ducati. Maybe Valencia is the only one left where Dovi he doesn't go so well.
Mate.. I don't know what sort of powder puff world you live in, but where I come from that's just pub talk between hairy arsed blokes having some banter? I said competitive force. You don't seem to understand what that means - probably because you haven't been watching long - and think you're clever by talking about something else, which fits your fanboy agenda.
Hope your new sponsor is not Rich Energy!
Wosi - "Detractors, like you Hoppy, always seem to come over as short-tempered and miserable." Wosi - "This is exactly the sort of thick, misinterpretation of events you Banvale wankers are famous for"