Ferrari previously considered introducing a dual-axis steering system similar to the one pioneered by Mercedes on its own Formula 1 car.

Mercedes grabbed the headlines during the opening week of pre-season testing in Barcelona when it debuted the DAS on Lewis Hamilton’s car.

The adjustable steering system alters the toe angle of the front tyres between corners and straights by moving the steering wheel forward and backwards, actions which were first caught by onboard cameras fixed to Hamilton’s W11.

While Ferrari is not set to develop its own system, team principal Mattia Binotto revealed the Italian squad had considered a DAS-style device in the past but opted against it due to uncertainty about whether it was legal or not.

"The DAS system is something we considered in the past, but we didn't design and develop," Binotto said.

"The reason why first is the legality matter, which we didn't clarify with the FIA at the time.

“Secondly, because we believe it's not worthwhile, at least for our car and our car concepts.

"We are looking at what the others are doing. At the moment, it's really a question mark and I'm not sure we'll develop it.”

The FIA has given Mercedes the green light to run DAS on its cars this season, though dual-axis steering systems are set to be banned from 2021.

Asked whether he feels Mercedes’ DAS system is legal, Binotto replied: "I think it's difficult for us to judge.

“We don’t know exactly their system but I'm pretty sure the FIA will make their own judgement and the right decision.”



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